Private Schools in the UK: Better Chances For A Job In The Entertainment Industry

No matter what career someone has in mind, the most important factor that can decide over success with getting a position later-on will be education. This is true for IT jobs, careers in the medical field and especially if you want to get into the entertainment industry.

Overall, the school system in the United Kingdom and most other European countries is of a high standard.

However, selecting the right school can still make a significant difference.

In a study conducted not that long ago it had been found that pupils who attend private schools in the United Kingdom are normally those who will also end up in better universities and get better paid jobs as opposed to those pupils in the UK’s public school system. Short: If you send your children to a private, independent school you can greatly increase their chances on the job market later on.

What do you need to know when you’re intending to have your children educated in a private school?

The UK is a nation with plenty of renowned and reputable private schools. Those can differ greatly not only in terms of what they will cost but also in what education or extracurricular activities in your local schools will be offered. The most expensive private school is NOT necessarily also the best.

It can be helpful if you do some research on a particular private school beforehand. How big will the classes be? How does the school handle individual religious beliefs and faiths? What are the school’s goals and values that are taught to the children? What extracurricular activities are offered? How does the school handle individual children that may need special attention due to learning difficulties?

Selecting a good school for your children is not a decision that you should make on whim. You should take your time with that. Call up and visit the school for a thorough consultation before making such a big decision. Have them answer all your questions to get a feel whether the school is the right one for your children.

To get you started you can look here. The Kingshottschool in Hertfordshire can be a very good choice if you’re looking for private schools Hertfordshire with the best education and extracurricular activities for your children.

Who Is The Highest Paid Hollywood Actress?

Forbes just revealed the highest paid Hollywood actress. Can you guess who?

gravitySandra Bullock didn’t win the “best actress” award this year, but thanks to the box office hit “Gravity” she is now the highest paid actress in Hollywood.

Within 12 months, Sandra Bullock could walk away from the set with a staggering $51M in earnings.

Number 2 on the list is Jennifer Lawrence ($34M) and number three is Jennifer Aniston ($31M).

Learn who else made the list over at

Apprenticeships For Media And Broadcast in the UK

Many ask me on a weekly basis about tips for their job search in the music and entertainment industry. I met a lot of people who just came from renowned schools for arts and media where they graduated, people who are now looking to get into the studios, film production and many other movie and entertainment related fields in the UK.

Apprenticeships in the UK

Apprenticeships in the UK

At first you need to to know that this career path, while definitely appealing is certainly not the easiest career you can choose.

Not only will it involve lengthy studies and hard, dedicated work. It can also mean having to travel often and flexible hours.

For some this is perfect, for others it may not be what they want.

Getting into the established movie and entertainment companies in the UK, hoping to get hired right after school can be extremely difficult.

I always tell those who ask me to go the route of taking on an apprenticeship first and then look from there.

With apprenticeships in the UK for media and broadcast you can get a lot of first-hand experience of the field. This will be invaluable to get an idea about this industry. An apprenticeship in this field along with the real experience you have gotten during your apprenticeship will also look fantastic on your CV! With it you can greatly increase your chances to get hired!

I recommend apprenticeships not only if you want to get into the UK’s music, film and entertainment industry but they can be very helpful for pretty much any field. With IT apprenticeships you can also increase your chances to get hired tremendously, just to name one other career path. Some trades in the UK actually require that you take an apprenticeship first since certain skills and qualifications need to be learned first.

The good thing is that with dedicated websites that provide a search for apprenticeships in the UK like you can find here, fresh graduates can search for and find apprenticeships very easily. This is also something I can recommend to anyone who looks to get into this career!