Outdoor Fire Prevention

Summer is coming fast, and with it also the season of forest fires. In previous times, spotting fires outdoors had been problematic. Most of the time, fires in the outdoors are being spotted just by chance. Places such as forests or theme parks had to have wardens who had been looking out for fires, maybe from high up in a tower where they had been able to overlook the area.

Outdoor fire detection systems such as digital fire cameras are now making of the fire detection a lot easier. They are essentially video cameras that are equipped with to state-of-the-art technology so they can spot fires from what they have in view, automatically and without a person needing to be present.

These days, fire cameras are increasingly more used in various industries where they provide added fire safety for oils rigs and manufacturing plants. But they also be found overseeing shopping malls, restaurants, hotels and many other places. Recently, fire cameras are also getting popular among homeowners and small business owners who use them to add a layer of fire safety to their garden or terrace or all those places where smoke alarms can’t reliably work.

For more info on Outdoor fire prevention and how modern fire cameras can help increase fire safety for your business and home you can go to Fire Safety Advice for more tips.

Who Is The Highest Paid Hollywood Actress?

Forbes just revealed the highest paid Hollywood actress. Can you guess who?

gravitySandra Bullock didn’t win the “best actress” award this year, but thanks to the box office hit “Gravity” she is now the highest paid actress in Hollywood.

Within 12 months, Sandra Bullock could walk away from the set with a staggering $51M in earnings.

Number 2 on the list is Jennifer Lawrence ($34M) and number three is Jennifer Aniston ($31M).

Learn who else made the list over at http://www.forbes.com/sites/dorothypomerantz/2014/08/04/sandra-bullock-tops-forbes-list-of-highest-earning-actresses-with-51m/

Looking for a Gym in Hackney for Yoga Classes

Finding a good place in East London where you can take yoga classes can be quite a hassle. There are so many things that can spoil the fun. Let’s just start with entirely over-crowded yoga and fitness classes that personally cannot stand.

Then there are those studios where it’s obvious that there trainers are not in the slightest qualified. I had attended yoga classes where it seemed to me that the “yoga teacher” had been a student that learned all his knowledge from a book just the day before.

yoga-hackneyIf you ask me, if I go to yoga classes I want to know that the person I learn from is a professional who knows that he or she is doing.

So a competent trainer is definitely my main criteria when I am looking for a Hackney gym or yoga classes in East London.

I don’t know for how long I was looking in the area, but ultimately decided on London Fields Fitness.

In my opinion this is one of the best gyms in East London. I like that they offer many different yoga and fitness classes and their trainers are always competent, nice and helpful.

If you know some more good gyms in Hackney, let me know! I’d be excited to hear about your experience in East London.

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The Notting Hill Carnival 2015


This year, London’s Notting Hill Carnival 2015 will be held on Sunday, August 30 ’til Monday, August 31.

The event will take place on the upcoming bank holiday weekend and organisers are expecting more than 1 million people to attend.

The official start of this year’s Notting Hill Carnival will be on Sunday with a “Family Day ” programme. The festivities will start as early as 6 o’clock in the morning. So it be a good idea if you set your alarm clocks if you don’t want to miss anything!

After the opening ceremony there will be a children’s parade where children in costumes will weave through Notting Hill’s Street. Needless to say there will be performances and music everywhere along with food and drink.

The family day on the first day of the festival might be the best if you want to visit the festival with small children. But you should be prepared, it can get very crowded!

A Great Alternative To Wedding DJs and Music Bands

The UK's Singing WaitersAlmost anyone, if they plan a wedding or a similar large event will at a some point need to think about the musical entertainment during the event.

By and large, most people will hire a DJ or a live band for that purpose. I am not saying this is necessarily a bad idea, but it’s sure not the most creative thing to do since pretty much anyone does it like that.

Some people want to do something better. They are not really keen on having some average local band playing at their wedding. Maybe you plan a very classy wedding and would like professional singers and dancers who can well woo your guests with a performance of Opera arias or classy tunes from a musical.

Or, if you want something truly special for your wedding you might want to think about what’s known as “surprise entertainment”, where your alleged waiters or other staff will magically turn into the best musical entertainers to the surprise of all your guests!

With surprise entertainment like with the UK’s singing waiters who an perform for your wedding or reception you can sure make a lasting impression on anyone! And isn’t this exactly what a wedding should be about? An event which will turn out so fantastic that people will remember it for many years to come! Rest assured, no-one will remember some average local band in a month or two, but your guests will never forget the singing waiters. You can take my word for it because I saw them performing a couple of time and was just entirely blown away!

There are two ways to book the singing waiters. You can book them for their normal show which normally lasts about two hours. In this cane you can arrange a good time when they will reveal the true identity to start performing. But you can also book the singing waiters to provide for you your entire day’s or night’s musical entertainment and of course with a combination of their surprise performance at a certain time as well.

Apprenticeships For Media And Broadcast in the UK

Many ask me on a weekly basis about tips for their job search in the music and entertainment industry. I met a lot of people who just came from renowned schools for arts and media where they graduated, people who are now looking to get into the studios, film production and many other movie and entertainment related fields in the UK.

Apprenticeships in the UK

Apprenticeships in the UK

At first you need to to know that this career path, while definitely appealing is certainly not the easiest career you can choose.

Not only will it involve lengthy studies and hard, dedicated work. It can also mean having to travel often and flexible hours.

For some this is perfect, for others it may not be what they want.

Getting into the established movie and entertainment companies in the UK, hoping to get hired right after school can be extremely difficult.

I always tell those who ask me to go the route of taking on an apprenticeship first and then look from there.

With apprenticeships in the UK for media and broadcast you can get a lot of first-hand experience of the field. This will be invaluable to get an idea about this industry. An apprenticeship in this field along with the real experience you have gotten during your apprenticeship will also look fantastic on your CV! With it you can greatly increase your chances to get hired!

I recommend apprenticeships not only if you want to get into the UK’s music, film and entertainment industry but they can be very helpful for pretty much any field. With those IT apprenticeships you can also increase your chances to get hired tremendously, just to name one other career path. Some trades in the UK actually require that you take an apprenticeship first since certain skills and qualifications need to be learned first.

The good thing is that with dedicated websites that provide a search for apprenticeships in the UK fresh graduates can search for and find apprenticeships very easily. This is also something I can recommend to anyone who looks to get into this career!

Some Good Betting Advice For Horseracing

If you go to the horse races unprepared and without a heap of insider knowledge it sure is the best way to lose your hard earned money. In this case you will probably be able to count the few times where you might win on one single hand.

“How do the horse betting professionals do it?” you may possibly wonder. I mean it’s obvious that some people do in fact make good money at the races while for most of us normal folks winning at the races only happens occasionally.

horse-racing in the UKThe answer here is simply that those professionals only go to the races with some solid horse racing tips. They know in advance on which horse to bet. For them, horse racing is not so much a gamble of luck but rather a passion where they take advantage of their vast knowledge to make it into a nice little second income.

If you wonder how and where to get good horse racing tips and other proven betting advice for horse racing, the good thing is that you don’t have to spend a lot of money to get them.

Don’t assume that there will be some shady person standing at a street corner somewhere that wants to sell you a secret horse betting system, like some people may well think.

In fact, to get working horse racing tips you don’t even need to leave the house. What’s more, you can actually find entirely free horse racing tips online if you only know where to get them. (I admit this may not be too easy especially for the beginner in horse racing).

I can highly recommend that you see the free horse betting tips from the horse racing pro, his site is http://www.horseracingpro.co.uk. This guy is a horse racing professional who is now offering his tips for anyone to take advantage of. So if you are into horse racing as much as I am I highly recommend you check out his website. I did and it made a huge difference once I used his excellent tips at the races.


This Weekend: The 38th Annual Sowerby Bridge Rushbearing Festival.

You certainly don’t want to miss the 38th annual Sowerby Bridge Rushbearing Festival which will be held this coming weekend. The festival will feature something for everyone with a plethora of events and fun for all ages.

As always, the festival’s main attraction will be there decorated rushcart that will be pulled by 60 locals. The chairman of the festival, John Coupe said that this year’s festival proved a little more difficult to organise but that the festival’s committee managed to pull everything together.

During the festival, the rushcart will stop at various local parish churches and pubs accompanied by dancing teams in various musicians. The fun  will start out on Friday at the Puzzle Hall Inn in Hollins Mill Lane. To give the festival a great start there are will be musical entertainment, food and drinks.

If you want to know more about this year’s festival I recommend you go to the festival’s website at http://www.rushbearing.com where you can read all about it.

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