This Weekend: The 38th Annual Sowerby Bridge Rushbearing Festival.

You certainly don’t want to miss the 38th annual Sowerby Bridge Rushbearing Festival which will be held this coming weekend. The festival will feature something for everyone with a plethora of events and fun for all ages.

As always, the festival’s main attraction will be there decorated rushcart that will be pulled by 60 locals. The chairman of the festival, John Coupe said that this year’s festival proved a little more difficult to organise but that the festival’s committee managed to pull everything together.

During the festival, the rushcart will stop at various local parish churches and pubs accompanied by dancing teams in various musicians. The funĀ  will start out on Friday at the Puzzle Hall Inn in Hollins Mill Lane. To give the festival a great start there are will be musical entertainment, food and drinks.

If you want to know more about this year’s festival I recommend you go to the festival’s website at where you can read all about it.